March 30, 2017
10 months and 20 days since
the event.


Donation Period is now OVER!

Thank you all for your amazing support!

Note: All donations made past March 30, 11:59 PM will not be accounted for the Top 3 prizes.


WELCOME to the Due West Foundation

Trail Blazer Trot!!!

One of the goals of the Foundation Team has been to create our own fundraising program, so we can maximize the dollars that impact our great school and last year we achieved that goal, so this year we will be building on that with the 2nd Annual Trial Blazer at Due West, so THANK-YOU for your SUPPORT!!!

This year’s character education component will focus on the character traits that we would like for all of our Pioneers to demonstrate! We will be focusing on showing Pioneer Pride each and every day!

Monday (3/20) 

Showing Pioneer Pride

Tuesday (3/21)


Wednesday (3/22)

Respecting all

Thursday (3/23)

Inspiring others

Friday (3/24) 

Doing the right thing

Monday (3/27)   

Exercising Safe Behavior

Tuesday (3/28)

Supporting our school

Wednesday (3/29) 

Putting it all together

Thursday (3/30)

Having fun with Pioneer Pride

As you can see and we hope you agree this is going to be a GREAT PROGRAM with a GREAT MESSAGE created by your very own Due West School / Foundation Team! But we NEED YOUR SUPPORT to make this a HUGE SUCCESS for Due West!

We have established a GOAL of $40,000 for this event!!! We can’t achieve this success without your support!!! We hope you will jump on the trail with our GREAT students and help them have a GREAT experience with this GREAT EVENT!

In case you are new to the Due West Community let us share with you briefly the mission of this great organization and your donations will go to support this mission.

The Due West Elementary School Foundation is to collaborate with the Due West Community to foster, facilitate, and fund an experiential education that allows and encourages all students to imagine a future of limitless possibilities.

The Due West Elementary School Foundation provides a full-time Science teacher and Science lab, web-based learning resources, and technology needs at Due West to support every student in the school every day.

Thanks, and we are looking forward to a GREAT 2nd Annual Trail Blazer Trot and hope you will support this GREAT school!

Peggy Fleming                                   Jay Taylor
Principal                                               Foundation President